September 23, 2012

Defying those with pretentious asses

This post is for people–probably like you who still don’t have the passion to engage into blog writing–to formally be introduced into the real writers’ path and begin writing blog.

A veteran Filipino columnist once said, “I may not agree with what you write but I will defend with all my heart your right to express what you want to write”.

Almost the same ideology is what I want to impart; you may think of yourself not as the prolific writer but it will not hurt if you will just try to write and express your thoughts. One better way to do it is through blog writing.

In the blogosphere, you have your own universe where you can utter whatever topic that comes into your mind including issues or ideas from the weirdest or most stupid product of your wild imagination up to the most intellectually stimulating conceptualization.

In the blogosphere, the only editor is yourself and it’s up to you whether you will want to be bold or curtailed in giving out your notions.

For me, you can spot some of the best writers of today by searching in the blogosphere and not just by reading the dailies, since it was established even in those days of our forefathers that the real measurement of being a good writer is being able to express creatively or interestingly the written words.

A good writer must not be bound by the rules set usually by pretentious people who only have the means to pay the publication fee. To live a happy life, we must not be constrained with the set of rules; same idea goes with the concept of writing.

Now, perhaps you’ll ask: can you consider bloggers as journalists? Definitely, because journalist’s primary task is to journal or chronicle through a medium the news or what’s happening around them. It is same with blogging that if you express your thoughts using the medium of Internet, the very act of speaking out your mind is already considered as relaying something new since we are not living in the robotic aspect that routinely follows the same exact act.

Similar to how linguists put it; our stated words are the greatest manifestation that time is moving on. Every time you say something, that word that you said immediately forms part of the so-called past. So every time you speak, it is always new.

So if you want to be a great writer, don’t just follow those people who have pretentious asses. Start with yourself by practicing in the blogosphere.

September 16, 2012

Mali si Rizal

Minsang tinuran ni Gat Jose Rizal na ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan. Pinaniniwalaan kong matalinong bayani si Rizal pero sa pagkakataong binanggit niya ang mga kataga na yan ay napagtanto kong hindi sa lahat ng oras ay tama siya.

Para sa akin, ang pag-asa ng bayan ay nakasalalay sa kahit sinong taong marunong umunawa kung bakit nga ba natin kailangang umasa. Minsan, hindi iyon ang kabataan dahil sa impluwensiya ng makabagong panahon ay nakalulungkot isipin na ang ilang kabataan ay mapusok na at unti-unting nawawalan ng kwenta.

Hindi ko alam kung anong ihip ng hangin ang nagdala sa ganitong estado ng mga bata pero nakalulungkot na ang ilan sa kanila, kung papainan mo eh madaling bibigay.

Minsan iniisip ko na lang na sana mali ako at hindi pa tuluyang nawawalan ng malalim na pag-iisip ang mga kabataan ngayon.

Subalit kung tama ako eh sana magunaw na lang ang mundo nang tuluyang lamunin ng kamatayan ang lahat ng mga nilalang na walang kwentang nabubuhay dito.


Mahigit limang taon na ang nakaraan ng makilala ko ang isang guro na pinaniniwalaan ng lahat na isa sa pinakamagaling sa pamantasan na iyon. Subalit nang siya na ay nagsimulang magturo eh nabatid kong konti lang ang maiaambag niya sa kaalaman ko.

Sa pagkadismaya ko noon ay ipinangako ko sa sarili ko na gusto kong maging guro upang magkaroon pa ng pag-asa ang ilang patuloy na umaasang mapagkakalooban ng mahusay na edukasyon.

Ngayon ay napagtanto ko na sa pagtuturo ay dalawang aspeto ang dapat laging isaalang-alang: ang nagtuturo at ang tinuturuan.

Kahit gaano kagaling ang nagtuturo, kung ayaw tanggapin ng tinuturuan ang aral eh wala pa ring mangyayari.

Nasasaktan ako dahil sayang ang pagkakataong nakakapag-aral ang mga tao na ang tanging iniisip ay kung paano lang makakatapos ng may mataas na marka. Hindi nila naiisip na ang tunay na batayan ng aral na nakamit ay wala sa marka kundi nasa pag-iisip nila na maging malalim at makita ang bawat anggulo sa buhay.

Malamang, eto rin ang dahilan kung bakit maraming nakakapag-tapos na hirap makahanap ng trabaho.

Naiintindihan ko na ngayon na hindi dapat sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay sinisisi natin ang gobyerno; dapat ay inaalala rin natin kung may kwenta pa nga ba tayo.

September 14, 2012

'Till we meet again

(First published online on June 15, 2012)

The falcon has temporarily landed in a forest full of uncertainties. However, amidst all the worries that he needs to undergo, a shining light serves as his guide, which helps him to stretch his wings to the fullest and boldly take every step that he has to make. Without the light, the falcon would probably surface again and look for another residence.

The falcon has been brave, not only because he has to, but definitely due to the light that assists him in his every way. Now that with dark days surely coming ahead, the falcon can now be independent in the forest until such momentous time when he has to surface again.

Truly, in these circumstances, the shining light has proved its worth.


In the years of existence of this multiply page, I have been keen to writing open letters for those people who in one way or another have made a difference in my life. For my co-worker, co-joker, co-researcher: Ms. Angela Melchora Garchitorena, here’s one for you.


Two years of brainstorming about a lot of things including how we plan to rule our world in the near future seems not enough for us to be able to fully cope with the various changes that are abruptly happening in our lives. There were times that we had to argue over who’s right (although I always point out that it is me) and say sorry that the word has seemingly become meaningless, still, for the sake of those two years, forgive and forget can be one of the most appropriate lessons that we can imbibe in relating with others. 

Aside from that, I want to thank you.

During my first days and that time when I thought that the party-list Akbayan seemed to be on its way to leading the roster of marginalized sectors in Congress, you were the one who faced the ‘bullshit’ from a straight-forwarded editor and stood as the frontliner and my spokesperson to assure them how I can be successful in the future.

In simple words, you saved me and pulled the extent of what I can do. I had my previous experiences in managing work but you still put a note on how to be better.

Now that goodbye seems inevitable, all I wish is contentment that you may finally find whatever that you have been searching for in your life. After contentment, everything will surely follow.
As parting words, I want to impart one of my favorite lines, as stated by Sirius Black, in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

“That one that loves us never really leaves us; we can always find them here (in our hearts).”

Angela, thank you and good bye. Until we meet again.

Hanggang sa huli nating pagsasama eh ‘joke’ pa rin ang ating mga inaatupag. Hehe. Pero definitely, mami-miss kita.

Social Networking Sites

(First published online on May 11, 2012)


“I don’t know why I didn’t come.” – Norah Jones
Okay, this post has nothing to do with the above line. I just like the song and don’t ask why.
“End of story. Goodbye. The end.” – Prof. Alastor Moody


It has been almost ten months since I last visited my Facebook account. For the past time, I realized how the said social networking site suddenly became part of the daily lives of every Filipino. Since I deactivated my account, I even came to a point when people tried to look at me as if I was a big sinner for not having an activated account while the rest of the world was enjoying all the benefits that it has been giving.

Yeah, I also experienced all of them and I won’t say that Facebook never really helped me in being able to connect again with my previous schoolmates and workmates. I enjoyed Facebook as much as everyone. I hadn’t experienced being hacked and this world seemed like a smaller place because you could easily reach out to anyone, even those who were on the other side of the globe, and interact with them as if they were just on your side. This has been the beauty of Internet and social networking websites that bombard the virtual world.

Now, my decision to leave Facebook was more of a personal reason. I’m not saying that I will forever not log in again to the famed website, though it could be a possibility. As of the moment, I am still being overwhelmed by the nature of friendship that is being offered way beyond the said social networking sites; where people would reach out to you not because you’re online but because they really need or miss you; where people would greet you because they are updated with you and they really know the special occasions that you celebrate and not because they see it while scanning their homepage.

I don’t hate Facebook. It’s the hypocrite people who are still in Facebook, which I abhor. Though my hate is only part of the total reason why I left, I don’t really want to offend others and it would only be fitting that I just leave instead of committing sins against those people who I once considered as friends.



Requiem for my lost phone

(First published online on October 29, 2011)

Seldom do I lose something, that's how valuable I look upon all of my things. When I consider something as my personal belonging, rest assured that I will keep it with my life. But yesterday, I was struck by the immediate turn of events that later than expected, I just realized that my phone was already missing.

The last time that I checked and found it in my pocket was when I was inside the LRT train going to Monumento station. We were on our way to the Malabon Zoo to share some time with the animals. Sadly, I was disappointed with the place. They shouldn't call it as a zoo in the first place since you can only find few animals behind the bars. After visiting the Baluarte in Ilocos Sur and after being satiated with Manila Zoo, I was quite dismayed at our tour to Malabon. I was somehow expecting an ambiance of the wild life only to find out that my money donated to the animals (if that is really the case since it is what's posted in the cashier) was not worth it at all. A piece of advice, if you want to be in a real zoo, be at the Manila Zoo. However, if you want to see few of the country's endangered species (which again, I believe should not be located inside those uncleaned cages) you may take the risk and visit their 'zoo' in Malabon.

Okay, enough of that place. This tribute isn't for that 'zoo' anyway.

If my recollection serves me right, the last time that I lost my phone was in 2007 when I was using an old nokia model, which I forgot the type, and that was in Ultra Stadium. Since then, after I replaced it with another Nokia phone, handed down to me by my brother, the SIM card that I had been using was the same SIM that was in my latest phone, before I change to postpaid. However, due to necessity of that contact number since that was what I was using in my resume', I had to keep it along with another SIM of another telecommunication company. The second SIM was two years old since I only bought it to replace the SIM card that I lost during my long journey on the havoc of Typhoon Ondoy, way back 2009.

To accommodate the two SIM cards, I bought a dual SIM, Torque-branded TV Phone, which I could use during my trip to follow some of the shows that I am watching.

It was only some few months ago since I bought that phone and it had been with me during special news coverage, particularly when most cable TVs were down. I had been using the same phone as our radio since it has a built-in stereo when we had boring or quiet times at the office. Like most things that I bought out of my personal money, I had already been satisfied or contented with it.

But of course, (here we go again with the psychobubble bullshit) not all [good] things last. One minute you have it, the next minute it's already gone. Same as my phone, I thought it was just inside my pocket then all of sudden, it was already lost.

The truth is that I don't regret the money that I paid to buy it. What disappoints me is that I was beginning to hold on to it, but just like a bubble that burst, it was quickly gone. Right now, all I can think of is how will I change all my contact numbers on those business dealings that I have engaged myself into? How about all those meaningful, valuable and interesting messages that I kept in the inbox of that phone. How about all those music, images, files and documents that I failed to save in Champ or in my other phone. Just like the fierce wind that blows in and out of my room, it is all gone now. 

I don't like to think that someone did steal it from me but whoever has it now, may the good Lord or Buddha bless and guide him/her to use it for good.

I do believe in in the philosophy of karma that whatever has been taken from you will be given back if not same, better than what you used to have.

Just like that. I will just try to sleep, try again to hide or bury the depression and wake up with another morning of believing that life must go on. Keep moving forward as I always say upon myself.

Bye Torque, Bye 0917***0860 and 0932***3530

From the 'Boy who Lived' to the 'Boy will live'

(First published online on July 11, 2011)
Last year, I came to watch the premiere screening of the first of the two-part finale of the Harry Potter series. As always, I did find time to enter it on my busy schedule since it’s one of those films that truly entertain me. However, instead of being entertained, I felt sad after watching the Death Hallows; sad definitely not because the film was not good but because after almost a decade of being a die-hard Potter fanatic, the time that I would have to say goodbye to the film is coming.

This week, curtains will finally close on the story of the boy wizard. But before it closes, let me first share how the book and also its film adaptation influenced my life for the past years that I was aging.

My passion accidentally started in 2003 when I was looking for a nice channel with a good show. We still had cable back then and I was a type of person who was not satisfied on one channel alone. As I scan every station, I found out that in GMA7, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (first installment) was being played. I was not yet a Potter fan then and the market of HP was just growing. On the other hand, HBO telecasted their premier of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second installment.

It occurred to me that in just one night two parts of Harry Potter was being shown on television so I stayed for a while and watched for myself what the fuss was all about. It was like a eureka moment for me that I said to myself; hey, this was a one damn good story. It might be for children and back then, I still considered myself as one of the so-called ‘kids’.

I also found out that in two days, its third installment, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban would be released in theaters. That suddenly sparked my curiosity that I easily became hooked on the story.

After watching the third part, my addiction bloomed. From then on, I began reading the novel. I also started collecting HP novelty items like mug, pins, towels, posters, t-shirts, news clippings, magazines, etc. And like what they always say: the rest is history. 

I am not used to crying everytime I read a book or watch a film but perhaps as I watch its final installment on Thursday, surely, tears would definitely pour before my eyes for it’s like saying goodbye to the one that you truly love. It will never be easy but you know that you have to move on.

It’s hard but all you can do is just go on with your life and use the things that you have learned to be a better individual.

Perhaps, I’m exaggerating but the mere fact that I was just reading some reviews (thanks, by the way to PDI for a very wonderful supplement or tribute), and it already made my eyes moist, I think it would really be hard for me.

For all I know, Harry Potter is not just a simple story or novel to me. It’s not also a simple addiction that after few treatments, you can already wash it away from your thoughts. For me, Harry Potter has been part of my life.

For the past decade, I was like anticipating every summer or every November for the installment.

For the past decade, I was acting gaga collecting even the smallest stuffs connected to the franchise.

For the past decade, my heart bounced that I never realize, the happiness that I was feeling towards the novel and the films would come to an end.

Harry Potter taught me not only certain things about good versus evil. Its greatest contribution was teaching me how to live my life more meaningful.

It was in Harry Potter that I learned how to value my friends. It was in the story that I learned how to focus on my studies but not letting go of my social life. It was in the series that I found out the different important things that sometimes we overlook in life.

I don’t know how or why other fans had been addicted too on the story, but to me, it’s a matter of giving life to what didn’t know before.

Truly, the magical world of Harry Potter became my escape from the bitterness or darkness in life. I may not be in the real location of the story, but I was like in the middle of every scene asking for help from the main characters.

For the past decade, Harry Potter served as my antidote to the illness facets of this muggle world and saying goodbye is like detaching your physical body from your shadow. It is impossible.

Once you’ve been struck by the power of the magic wand; the world that you knew, the world that was shared to you by J.K. Rowling will surely live in your memory.

The book of the bespectacled boy who lived perhaps will be put to its last chapter but its story will remain. Just like what Sirius Black mentioned in the third installment, we must not be worried for the ones that we love will never really leave us, we can always find them here in our hearts…

Harry Potter lives.


Thank you Johann Kathleen Rowling for sharing a part of you that helped our lives be aligned with what is right.

Ode to friendship

(First published online on June 28, 2011)

I have been meaning to write an article about friendship, but due to unimaginable schedule that I have imposed upon myself, I was just able to do it just last Sunday.

It’s also been awhile since I wrote a blog and there’s a lot of topic to cover now, so why about friendship? Perhaps I’m not in-love or rather; I’m in-love with the concept of friendship; that’s probably why I did this.

Ever since I found out how meaningful life is, I never hesitated on looking for people that would be part of my little world. Upon opening this multiply account; my very first blog post was about my limited set of friends. I mentioned how important they were back then to constitute an article from me. I wouldn’t waste such a time if they’re not that valuable. Sad thing, I’m now thinking of other people. Others who opened my mind to reality that it’s far better to laugh till you drop even if you no longer have some funds to pay for your fare, rather than spend your time on people whom you only profess as your bestfriends even if they’re not treating you as one.

I’m currently happy that perhaps I can go on with my life without thinking of having a wife and kids, which has been one of my life-long dreams, as long as I’m with these people. In my earlier recollection, I thought that friends are those people who will become your aid; just those who will assist you in times of need but will continuously remain out of your life. If one managed to help, you’ll consider him/her as your friend immediately. But right now, I believe that it’s not just that.

Sometimes, if you need a hand, those bastards that you consider your real friends would laugh at you first until all their happiness had been poured out before they will help you. Sometimes, you would no longer even need their help since you already managed to help yourself, though you won’t be mad at them since what happened to you would also make you laugh until you realize that you no longer knew why you’re still laughing. In short, friendship is stupidity, but from this stupidity, happiness which can hardly be attained in life comes so natural that you can’t let it go.

However, much as you want to be with them, you won’t since everyone has their own lives and you also have to devote your time on other practical things. And since they already became part of your life; to be whole again, you have to get rid of them and make yourself believe that you managed to live back then without their existence and right now, you can still be if you’ll be the first to say goodbye.

But that’s not always the case. Even if it hurts, even if it makes you feel lonely every time, even if it haunts your dream, you’ll just have to stay. Because friendship is also a relationship; you have built it based on trust and you already invested most of your time just to sustain it. Let others leave for perhaps there are more important things that they have considered, but as long as there are people who will remain with you, treasure the moment.

# # #

Dear reader, if you are not yet bored, I would say thank you for reading this rumination. But believe it or not, I had to end this post and erased other data for it became too personal that you would no longer find it reflective on your part.

# # #

Honestly I just did this to acknowledge the new people that bring color back to my life. Even if there are times that you indirectly hurt my wholeness, (of course, you know who you are) I still did this to show how important you are in my life. I just pray that no matter what happens; our bond will remain intact.

Thank You!

Truly McCreery

(First published online on May 28, 2011)

After almost three years of becoming unproductive (since according to most of the news, previous male winners were not becoming hitmakers), American Idol returned with a vengeance, producing one of the youngest stars, as they crowned 17-year old, Scotty McCreery as Season 10 winner.

Just like what host Ryan Seacrest said, he was only seven years old when the competition premiered in Hollywood, but age doesn’t matter as long as you have the voice, you can be an Idol.

McCreery captured the attention not only of the new judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, and the veteran judge Randy Jackson, but also of the whole world, especially when he stood in front of the camera and sang, with bass registry, the lyrics ‘lock the doors and turn the lights down low’ during the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-leg of the competition’s audition.

Since then, he carefully crafted his way to the finals by choosing the right songs that would suit his distinctive low-ranged voice, like that of Elvis Presley. Even if he was challenged with various genres, he proved to himself and to those who believed in him that he could emancipate from the ordinary country singer to the next concert artist and probably chart-topper.

During the finals, he battled with another teenage contender named Lauren Alaina who sang a very beautiful and powerful rendition of the song ‘Like My Mother Does’, which is dedicated to all mothers across the globe. However, Scotty’s song ‘I Love You This Big’, which will be his first single as provided by the Universal Records, proved to be more likeable American fans.

In the announcement of winners, generated by more than 120 million votes in the span of two hours, Scotty burst into tears while hugging his family and other 12 finalists.

More of a personal note, this is the first time that my bet, from the very beginning of this season’s competition, had won and the feeling was like it’s winning a lottery, you couldn’t just contain your excitement to announce to everyone that your Idol won. I’ve been a fan of the show since the time of Carrie Underwood, but due to busy schedule, I failed to tune in the last few seasons.

This time, I got hooked up again and as I chose Scotty to be my man, I never failed to pick the right one. Not just for his voice, I pick Scotty for other reasons.

One is that with his unique country-deep voice, I believe that through him, he can relive the glory days of Elvis Presley, Neil Sedaka, Frank Sinatra, Kenny Rogers and the like. I’ve been a country-song fan because of my father, and having someone on the popular show, who has this notion of pulling country songs back to mainstream, I couldn’t hesitate to support him.

Another reason is his attitude during the competition that he didn’t treat it more like a contest of people with great voices, but he’s just after the idea of learning something new to enhance his voice. When interviewed by Seacrest to comment on the critique of the judges, he plainly said the he just did what he thought was best and he’s just hanging out and singing his song. Right attitude, perhaps towards life as well, that if we treat life as a competition, we might be easily eliminated.

Lastly, I like his judgment, especially after being named as the next Idol that above all else, he like to thank God for ‘He got him here’ in the finals.

The former store clerk in North Carolina proved to everyone that accompanied with good voice and God, nothing is impossible. Even bagging of the prestigious trophy of the American Idol will be just like a walk in the park, especially if you’re having fun.

Choco hot fudge

(First published online on May 10, 2011)

I have no idea why I used the title Choco Hot Fudge, perhaps because I want to eat a Hot Fudge Sundae from Jollibee but due to my unending cough, I can't indulge on my cravings. But nevertheless, I miss writing and I miss posting blog, and even if it might be nonsense, at least I managed to update my page.

But never will I waste my time writing nonsense stuffs.

First of all, as always, I want to take this opportunity to comment on some of the intense issues rising in the society. On top of the list is the deadend talks between the government and the Catholic Church on the issue of the Reproductive Health Bill. The government has a point that it is their responsibility to curb the population in the country to alleviate the economy but the Church also has an obligation, a moral responsibility, to be exact, to denounce what they think is immoral to their views. Now, I believe that both sides are matured enough to think and decide on what option will serve the best purpose so all I will just suggest is for both of them to compromise. Answer the questions being raised by both parties and try to reach an agreement that will be beneficial to the public, and not to the majority of congressmen who were lobbying for the bill. There is too much politics in the issue and it will take another long blog post to explain everything but on a fast conclusion, I want to say that as a tax payer, I don't want the government to use the tax that I've been paying to buy some artificial contraceptives to be given to couples who are naughty enough to 'meddle' with one another, when they should be working for themselves to have the means to buy for their own contraceptives. That's one of the matters being proposed in the bill, and as long as it's in the bill, I will not be hesitant on denouncing it as well.

Second is the death of the number one terrorist in the world, Obama este Osama bin Laden. Okay, he had been killed, but should we rejoice? I don't think so. More to the fact that his death is some 'pogi points' for the campaign of US Pres. Obama for the upcoming election, the idea that terrorism still exists, the world can never be a peaceful haven again. I'm not pessimist but the idea is that as long as there is injustice and poverty surrounding mankind, terrorism can never stopped. You may have slain the head but just like the lizard's tail, as long as the 'body' or the big picture which is lack of justice and existence of poverty is still there, it can never be safe. Now, after the death of Osama, let's try focusing on other hard matters pressing us like how can we unite everyone including bin Laden's troops and allies to end suffering. It may have been a wishful thinking but at least, someone, the writer of this blog, still exists to think of that good time.

Other issues are the resignation of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, approval of the plea bargain agreement between the government and former AFP comptroller Garcia, and the plunging of P-Noy's satisfaction rating. All I can say is good luck to OMG, the nemesis of P-Noy, who afterall is always looking for someone to blame in case something bad happens. Ever since Aquino assumed his post, he never had the balls to take full responsibility of what happened. He always do this blame game and for sure, after the approval of the plea bargain, if more corruption scandals rise in the future, he will surely point the blame on the justices who approved the plea bargain just because they sided with the former Ombudsman's views. There is something wrong with the agreement, even if you look at other angles but as long as the prosecution doesn't have the balls to dig deeper, the corrupt officials can always find a way to escape their situation. What they need is to overhaul the system. Start changing the system by implementing it with themselves.

Last but wil never be the least, much has been said on the Royal Wedding and Pope John Paul II's Beatification but all I want to say is congratulations to the royal couple and may the Holy Father continuously bless all of us, including the readers of this blog, through the intercession of the new Blessed John Paul who once touched our lives though from different perspectives.

All of the issues raised above is like my cravings for the Choco Hot Fudge Sundae, much as I know about the issue, I still don't have direct access to resolve it. It's always up to those people in power to start moving mountains for the sake of every living individual.

Hikes and taxes

(First published online on February 8, 2011)

I’m not an authority to speak for what is right or what is legal. I also ask a lot of questions to appease myself whether what they had been doing is still limited to the boundary of what is logical and democratic. What I don’t understand is how some Filipinos can be idiot by going on public and shouting their rants without fully analyzing what had been coming out of their mouths. I’m a proud Filipino but I’m ashamed to what these so-called ‘fighters of democracy’ had been doing.

Know the issue. Analyze it. Communicate. Going in public is the last thing that one must do. Remember that EDSA 1 had been a success because they no longer knew then what the only option left to solve their crisis was but to go on mass demonstration and proved that united, we could succeed. Nowadays, the idea of people power is being diverted and by other people not living by its concept, sadly, the spirit dies with their false belief.

In the past few days, I pity most of the people for they had been clamoring the persistent hikes in local commodities. I join them in asking the president to place a ceiling price to contain these increases and not let cartel go on. Because of my low salary, I also ask the authorities if they can manage to help us have a wage hike. However, the point that I want to highlight in this blog is the looming fare hikes in LRT/MRT.

Starting from the day that I realize how to ride an LRT, their fares had been consistent. As this new administration came, they suddenly want to increase whatever the public has been paying. Some of the people in the DOTC even said that the current price can be doubled once the new fare has been implemented. Their reason for the pumping up of prices is that they can no longer shoulder the paying of the subsidy for it. As they jack up the prices, they likewise promise that it could help in lessening the taxes that we have been paying. That point, I think the government is only being sensible.

What I can’t take is when some students go out of their classes and protest that the government must stop this looming increase and at the same time lessen the tax. That thing, I think is illogical and stupid. The government can stop the fare hike but if we are to wish for that, we must no longer ask for the decrease in our taxes because this is what our government is using to subsidize what the public should be paying.

And if we are to analyze the issue further, we can say that it’s alright for them to increase the fare at a reasonable price but continue with their plan to lessen our taxes. In this way, we are looking for a long term solution and if our taxes will be decreased, chances are, other commodities can also have a rollback. It means prices of oil, food and basic necessities will also be lessened. Taxes play a very big role in our industry and people must realize that they should not short-change this for just the price of one.

Now, others have been complaining that LRT/MRT is the only mode of transportation that they can use to arrive to their location quickly. At that point, other people are once again being selfish. If they really want to be in their schedule sharp without paying too much given that the fare hike for LRT/MRT will be implemented; they should have the discipline to pack up early, giving ample time for their transportation so as they will not be late for their appointment. Now, if they’re late then it’s just fitting for them to face the consequences like paying additional price for their fare. It all boils down to discipline. If you don’t have it, don’t blame your government.

I go with the implementation of the fare hike for LRT/MRT and I will be one of their guards as well to see if it is properly being implemented. Guys, don’t be stupid, think first of the long term effects of this before you act because there are a lot more depressing issues  around us like the abnormal global weather and it’s sad to say that some people are looking on the other side away from this very alarming case.

Film Review: Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na 'To

(First published online on February 8, 2011)

When the award for the Best Picture in the recent Metro Manila Film Festival was announced, a lot of people raised their eyebrows to question the ruling of the body. I admit that I’m one of those people who contested it but after watching the film, I proudly say that I stand corrected.

The third installment of the family-themed comedy movie starred by no less than the comedy actress herself was another success made by production outfit of ABS-CBN. The role of Ina had evolved from being the plain mother to the nation’s president. In this installment, she played the character of being the plain house-mother again although the conflict was how she can be with her children knowing that she only had few days to live. She had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and they almost tried everything that they could to ease her situation. At the end, love of her family and through the divine intervention, she could manage to save the day.

Ang Tanging Ina Mo part 3 placed second in the Box Office List and your money will surely not be put into waste by watching it. The actors’ performances were all natural. The technical aspect is okay. The blending of comedy and a little bit of drama suits the entirety of the movie. The plotline is simple but the lines will cut through anyone’s heart and the public can truly relate to every scene. The MMFF Board did perhaps the right thing in making this film a grand-slam winner.

Watching a film and appreciating it is subjective. No one can really say that it’s perfect. It’s not in the acting, nor in the actors and the lines that they throw, but it’s in the situation and if the people behind the motion picture could properly execute it. I believe that in that part, Tanging Ina deserves the award. I laughed out loud and almost cried in some scenes. Like what most people in the industry say; comedy is a very serious business and I would like to commend the producer of Tanging Ina for pulling it through.

I remember someone saying to me that no one should judge something unless he/she had already contained it with him. I apologize for prejudging Tanging Ina. Actually, the film made me think that if we are to live a life that is about to leave this earth, how will we handle it. Will we be paranoid? Will we undergo the phases of emotions? Or just like Ina, will we just let it pass and wait until that exact moment comes. Nothing in this world is permanent and we never know what might happen. However, one thing will always matter; it is how we try to live our life and that alone can make us realize that if we’re doing not the right things then it’s about time to turn around and look for an opportunity wherein we can express ourselves for the better.

We might deny the changes that are happening. We might as well be angry with it but it will boil down to how we accept it. We just have to be brave to face that situation. No one says that it’s going to be easy but at least you know that it will bring the best in you.

On top of all this, even if you have your friends with you or your loved ones and partners, nothing will be greater that the love of your family. At the end, if you have nothing, it’s good to know that blood will always be thicker than water and your family might be the last few persons to continuously stand behind you.

Film Review: Unfaithful

(First published online on January 14, 2011)

“In love; there is no mistake, only things that you do and don’t do.”

Writing a film review is one of the usual stuffs that I do after I watched a motion picture. But due to busy schedules, lately, I just find myself unable to produce one. So after my co-worker lent me a copy of the 2002 Adrian Lyne-film, Unfaithful, I made it a point to create one. Actually, I’m really eager to put emphasis on the literary part but before I do that, I would make a quick run-through of the technical aspect first.

Musical score including the soundtrack is great. I think, they used the right songs to distinguish every scene and in that, I would like to commend them. Camera treatment was fine and even if there are rated-18 scenes, they managed to handle them very carefully so as not to exploit what should not be exploited. I didn’t expect much on the actors for I know that the acting of Richard Gere and the likes would surely be accountable. Almost every scene is well-taken care of and for that, I would applause them.

However, as for the plot, I don’t quite agree with how they portray the human behavior. I haven’t been in a very serious relationship and I don’t know how a woman thinks. I don’t say that there are no people who will hit someone even if they know that they are already married, just to satisfy their lust. Perhaps there are true people who are like that, which is why the term ‘unfaithful’ is coined but no matter what, they shouldn’t have ended the story that way.

There are a lot of ways to conclude it but not through a tragedy. Sure, what happened was very difficult for the husband but still, they should have managed to put a civil way to how the matter should be done to justify that things like disloyalty can be solved through the cooperation of everyone.

In the film, the wife played by Diane Lane was portrayed as a weak one since she was like the one being easily tempted to pressure of being disloyal. I don’t want to debate as to who falls as a prey easily but one thing I do believe is that this shouldn’t be an issue. After all, before one took a vow of marriage, he or she promises to trust one another and be there for one another for love equates to trust. A relationship without the fundamentality of trust is like a home without a foundation that can easily be inundated by anyone.

The husband, on the other hand, is also portrayed as weak since he failed to identify the right manner in which he should handle that kind of situation. The movie indirectly tells its viewers that to solve such marital issue; the father must commit a perfect crime and just manage to get away with it. Law wasn’t even enforced in the story which had a negative implication to the society. The film also shows another indirect hit to female species since when the police were already looking for the suspect, they somehow pointed to Diane when earlier, it was shown that Olivier was also affiliated with another woman. In a way, it’s like emphasizing that in situations like that; women are the ones that can be held accountable.

Truly, love is a very complicated and probably one of the dangerous feelings created on earth yet amidst all the hardships and trials, lovers must stand out and fight for what is good. I also don’t agree with the message that there is no mistake in love, in fact, there are; only that one must have to realize how to make it right.

By the way, before I forgot, one funny scene that took my attention was when Gere was carrying the cold body of Olivier Martinez, the man affiliated to Lane, even if he had been dead for a couple of hours, his body still remained bendable and lightweight. As far as I know, as a person dies, his body immediately becomes as hard and heavy as a rock. Surely, it passed the director’s scrutiny, hehe…

The 2010

(First published online on December 31, 2010)
Photo courtesy of

Every news organization or television station has its own yearender report highlighting the major events that became a hit in the society. Likewise, before the curtain of 2010 finally closes, I want to share a little bit about the best year of my life, so far.

Ranking them as 1 being the most important change, here is my so-called countdown to the coming year:

10. Less worries and more realizations. 2010 starts and will end tonight with a bang, not only because of fireworks but because for the past years, I had been blinded by dark imaginations that worry my existence and future. At some point, I even considered escaping that reality and turning myself away. Luckily, this year taught me that life is really hard, and no matter what I have or no matter who I’m with, life will still go on and I just have to courageously face it. I also realized what I want and who I want to be, and for the coming years, I’ll try my very best to prove to myself that like those great people in history, I can also shape the society in which I dwell.

9. Peace of mind. Being contented on what I have, I have already made peace with myself this year that I can only have some and not all. I finally get to my mind that in this journey, I will be obliged to make decisions or statements, sometimes harsh, just to correct the system. I know since I already proved it this year that I cannot please everybody yet their comments will not be a hindrance on what I want to achieve as long as it’s align with my principles. I’ve trained this year for a competition in ethics and what I learned from that months of training would surely not be put into waste. Being ethical is one of my new year’s resolution.

8. Health and wealth. I might even think of putting the reason of having a fever just to excuse myself from the past meetings but in fact, I rarely had fever. Occasional headache was my usual sickness though none of them were really serious. I felt less stress this year compared to past years and most importantly, I gained a positive outlook in life. As for my wealth, I can say that I’ve never been richer this year and I’m looking forward to being far richer in the coming years, hahaha. This year, I managed to buy a lot of things for myself and for my family and friends. I also managed to embark high-class purchases courtesy of my own money and if that is a measure of wealth then I can consider myself as someone on its way to being rich, hahaha…

7. Moving love story. I may not have a steady relationship right now but at least I have learned a lot of things from how my love story moved this year. I can now point my ‘arrow’ on the right person though I continue my idea of not searching for her since I believe that whoever she is, I will be guided by that so-called ‘spark’. And if that time comes, at least I’m ready and willing to make that relationship a perfect one.

6. Social network. The year that has passed opened me to a lot of connections virtually and in real world. With my current work, through the help of my social network, I still can connect with my classmates, batchmates and friends, new or old. I’ve been drafting my resolution and definitely, being with my friends is part of them.

5. From work to career. Right now, I can say that I may not have that perfect job or environment and I may not have the perfect salary but at least I know how to manage things perfectly. I left Adamson University as a bonafide member of its official student publication, The Adamson Chronicle. I almost cried for being part of that organization for three years, it already served as my family outside my home. Yet, things change and I had to move on. TAC taught me a lot specially on last few days. I can also say that without TAC, I may not be able to finish my studies since it also shouldered my expenses. Before I left TAC, I managed to penetrate another publication but this time it caters to the nation. I am thankful for wherever I am right now, I can use what I’ve been getting in here to make a wonderful future.

4. Honorable Bachelor’s Degree. I graduated College. But the big deal is I graduated big time. I managed to bag the honor of being a magna cum laude and that special mark serves now as my badge to good path. With what I learned in College, I know that I am ready to face the world though I still thirst for knowledge and this coming year, I will try to mend that.

3. Lifelong friendships. One of the things that I’m thankful for this 2010 is being with my friends who stick with me through and through. I managed to learn who my real friends are and how they differ from those who are just nosing around with my life. My friends and my family are my only wall that back me up whenever when I’m down and without them, I don’t what kind of life I have.

2. United family. My family will be there with me forever, that’s a tested fact. They stood with me for the past years and I know that they will not leave me on the coming years, I am grateful for their presence.

1. God’s blessings. Last but definitely, the greatest, I summed up all of those things that I’ve earlier mentioned to one category. All of them are mere blessings of our Lord and more than anybody else, I thank Him the most. He stood with me ever since. I know that I’m on a bright way because He is with me.

2010 is memorable year but I’m ready for making the coming years more unforgettable. I sincerely hope that whatever will be left behind will be my tools to make create a magnificent life.

15-minute blog

(First published online December 19, 2010)

Sometimes, weird ideas just pop into my head and all of a sudden I just realized that I'm already doing it. Like this, I'm thinking of so many things, including updating my blog page then suddenly I thought of writing an entry for just 15 minutes.

You can think or say a lot of things in just 15 minutes. Just pick a topic and like an extemporaneous speech contest, every minor detail will just come out of your mouth. This time, I think, the idea comes out and it goes directly here in this entry.

Okay, now what shall be my topic?! I don't know, perhaps I'll just settle with my current emotions.

Earlier today, I browse all my past images in facebook and some of them I find amusing but most of them enchanting. Enchanting in a sense that a very good gadget, camera, is invented to capture the moments that we want to forever treasure. We may not be able to get back to that time frame but by just looking at the images that your cameras produced, you could easily travel back using your imagination and relive what you had been doing back then. Right there and then, this small gadget (assuming of course that most of us are still using the digital/smaller type) could make us laugh, cry and even feel proud. That's the wonder of these technological medium; it may be a simple gadget to few but to some, it's a wonderful machine that encapsulates our very past.

Now who says that we can no longer travel to our past? Figuratively, through the use of your camera, your past is just a click-away…


By the way, I miss and will forever miss those people and the setting which were captured in the images...

Vizconde fever

(First published online on December 18, 2010)

Author's Note: It has been two months since I did my last blog entry, but as I enjoy my vacant schedule now, I just want to voice out my not-so-famous sentiments about the current issues covering the nation today. For the record, I'm not the spokesperson of the Supreme Court and definitely of Webb et al., though I'm willing to accept a post for the Supreme Court if I will be asked, haha. Just joking. Photo courtesy of

I was exactly 1 year, 7 months and 22 days old when the grisly massacre of the Vizconde family occurred so if you’ll ask me who did it, clearly, I will just laugh at you.

However, with the nature of my work today, I know that I have at least a 90% capability to point out what happened on the ‘acquittal’ verdict of the Supreme Court.

First and foremost, there is a reason as stated in the Constitution why the Supreme Court acts as the final arbiter. The justices are posted in the High Tribunal because people believed on their intelligence and ability to provide a fair and sound judgment plus a reasonable opinion to make the final say on every case. They were chosen through a very decisive manner by a pool of credible people and were formally appointed by the head of the state. So if we denounced them, the knife inculcated in our mean statements will likely just point right back at us. Thus, we must still have faith that their decisions, no matter how controversial, were still based on ground facts and not on mere hearsay. 

Second, as I stated, their decision wasn’t pulled out from the thin air, it was and should always be based on ground facts. By saying that their ruling was based on technicalities of the evidences filed by the defense then I can clearly point out that they did or said the right thing. They were not influenced by the shout of careless people pointing to those individuals who they believed to be behind the attack.

I am not saying that they were not the true perpetrators, I’m only stating the fact that if the prosecution failed to pin them down then there are high chances that Webb and the others were innocent of the crime. However, if they really did it, I also believe in divine justice that if they were not convicted in the law of man then their souls will definitely rot in hell.

Now, what were some of the technicalities or grounds pointed and supported by the high court?
1. Jessica Alfaro was found to be an agent of the National Bureau of Investigation and was not really an eyewitness. She may have perjured most of her statements but the High Court still believed that her act was merely to route the investigation and pin who she supposed to have done it. Alfaro is now missing/hiding in United States and I challenge her that if the High Court made a wrong decision then prove herself in court once more and never hide abroad.
2. There were also discrepancies in Alfaro’s statement unlike Hubert Webb who presented the strongest alibi in court. Webb claimed that he was in United States during the night of crime and it was heavily verified by officials from the foreign government. There were people saying that Webb just paid for these officials to say such verifications but once again, I challenged them to show evidences regarding their accusations.
3. There were lots of people vouching for Webb that he’s outside the country and they all testified under oath unlike those people who open the idea of bribery but never really showed up in the 19-year course of the trial. If Webb really paid those people who vouched for him then how come they passed through the heavy cross-examination of the prosecution? Like what philosophers say, it’s always easy to tell the truth than lie, most specially if you’re under stress.

I feel sorry for Mr. Lauro Vizconde for he looked at the wrong guys but instead of pitying the old guy, let’s just hold hands and find who the real culprit was. There was still six months to solve this case before its prescription expires but let’s get the most of it to still attain justice for Estrelita, Carmela and Jennifer. It may be impossible but with the help of God, though everybody’s cooperation then we can still solve it. 

Finally, stop bickering over the Supreme Court’s verdict for it doesn’t help. To those who don’t believe in the Supreme Court because of what their feelings say, isn’t it only because like Mr. Lauro; all this time, the prosecution made you think that they really got the guys when the truth is they just want to get this over with? Now if you have information to pin down Webb et al., why didn’t you surface and shared light back then?! You could have been the missing piece. Nevertheless, by not having the courage to stand out there, you must blame no one but yourself.

Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

(First published online November 19, 2010)
I would like to raise all my four thumbs up, including those which are in my feet even if one of them is like dying, just to be able to express how enchanted I am on the latest installment of the wizard boy’s story. After one and a half years of waiting, Potter fever has reigned again in film theaters.

Warner Bros. and Heyday Films who are taking care of the production have decided to split the final series of the Harry Potter which was entitled The Deathly Hallows. It was based on the novels of the renowned and richest author, J.K. Rowling. At first, a lot of people reacted wildly on the news, however, after all the explanations, the film outfit prevailed. Of course, since this is the last book’s adaptation, no one wanted to sacrifice the essence of the story since among the seven books; I think this is the most complicated part; complicated but in a positive way.

And they never failed the crowd and the avid supporter of the boy who lived. The first part of the so-called beginning of the end started on Harry Potter’s (played by Daniel Radcliffe) journey in finding the horcruxes or the objects in which the dark lord, Voldermort (Ralph Fiennes), hid some parts of his spirit to be able to survive death.

The action-filled story intensified every moment. Little romance continued to boil in the hearts of our protagonists and even if it’s watched not in 3D, shocking scenes still made the viewers feel like they were really journeying along with Harry, Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint).

I also want to say that of all the series of Harry Potter, this is the darkest one, figuratively and literally; literally since I remembered only few scenes wherein the setting is daytime and figuratively since from the beginning up to the last scenes, death becomes a casual incident. This was also the installment that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was not shown. The tone of the film is serious although light or humorous moments were never erased.

The story also served as a reunion of all the casts from the very first film and even if the character’s role was just a cameo appearance, they still added excitement to the totality of the seventh part. It’s actually like reading the book while seeing every occurrence happen in the big screen.

As for the technical aspects, yeah, every part is great. The soundtrack suits every scene and everyone pulled the right track in catching the viewers. I have studied film and through its background music, I can already tell when the shocking scenes will appear but still, because of proper coordination from the acting to its lightings, I was deeply grasped that I was also thrilled when surprising scenes took place.

It was perfectly fitted to commend all the people who once again made the story of Harry Potter successful. Great acting and scene collaborations can be attributed to Director David Yates who did not leave a trace of unfinished business on the set. As the adaptation draws to its conclusion, it is only right that those who worked hard for this craft be complimented that if not for them, the fascinating book will not be entertained and will just be left at the dusty shelves of various libraries.

I was amongst those who watched HP 7 on its first screening. I truly had fun but I have to warn others; this installment is not for everybody, even if it is rated GP. Like what I said, this is the most complicated part so if one is not really a follower of Harry Potter, he will surely be lost in watching the film. Cameo appearances of the characters are so essential in bridging every scene and explaining why in the early films, such events took place. This film also served as the ‘aha’ moment for the many unexplained accounts told in the first editions.

If you’re not a follower or if you have no idea on the story of Harry Potter, your reaction would probably be negative since the phasing of this part was so fast that if you’re not used to how things were being cooked up, you’ll definitely not understand it. Better to bring someone who is a fan of Harry Potter for you to fully grasp what is being interpreted.

I completely agree with what J.K. Rowling said in an interview, this is the best Harry Potter film so far and I am looking forward to seeing the final installment.

Congratulations for another job well done and I’m pretty sure that next year, we will surely be entertained once more.

Barangay politics

(First published online on October 27, 2010)

Mr. Webster defines it as the art of government or the science of influencing or guiding and it can be characterized by the competition between groups or individuals for power or leadership.

If that is so, then it is right to say that politics is everywhere. From the largest society up to the smallest groups, politics can be found anywhere. Inside every individual exists the concept of politics. Even in the children, it can be observed since kids’ idealism is that everything must revolve around them. Every kid’s notion is that they must be the center of everything that’s happening around them. In a way, they compete with other kids who also want to be put into limelight. But the question is, are they selfish? No, because that is so normal for the kids.

However, if you are already educated, you no longer have to act as such because you have already been taught of how to act and react in a moral and rational manner. You just have to healthily compete with others but make sure that your competition will have a positive outcome that will be beneficial to your fellowmen.

Just last Monday, Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections were held simultaneously at almost 42,000 villages in the country. Even if some parties were dismayed over the turn-out of the polls, still, Commission on Elections declared it as a successful and peaceful one. Declared failure of elections were only in at least 2000 places or 5% of the totality of barangays in the Philippines.

However, before the main event, let me just share a story about what’s happening during the election season in the Philippines. It is a known fact that there is a lot of manipulative bitches in the field of politics and what's frustrating is that there's a lot more people who is gullible enough to believe them.

Weeks before the official filing of candidacy started, I talked to one of the known officials in our community who was also planning to run for chairman, the highest post in a barangay. Truth of the matter was that I also planned to run for a council seat in our small village.

Why? Aside from the fact that ever since the early days of my childhood, I already dreamt of becoming a renowned official in the country, I also wanted to make our place a more active community in the metro. Just like other barangays, ours is facing the same problems of neighborhood fights, and lack of equipment or facilities and suitable structures that will help officials to properly perform their main task of providing assistance to all the members of our community. Our Barangay Hall is even dilapidated that most of the times, if officials want to meet, they would have to settle themselves in one of the officers' house or even in a fastfood chain just to be able to discuss whatever important matter it is. Our barangay also commits injustice to nature. Some people are involved to prohibited drugs and other activities that are considered illegal.

As different administrations passed by, sad to say, but our community still faces the same problems that prompted me to run for a seat. As simple as my wish, I know that inside me, I can make our place a better residential area: by simply changing the wrong actions that they have been doing and rectifying some of the measures that will be beneficial to everybody.

However, as I indirectly expressed my willingness to run for a seat, someone said that my plan was a good one since being a Barangay Councilor would entail lots of benefits that I would never dream of getting. I was shocked since for this person, the post in a barangay is not a noble one but a ground for corruption. Then I let this person tell me what’s more an official could get.

A free trip to some of the best beaches or tourist destinations in the country. If you’re lucky enough, you could also be included in the list of official delegates of a mayor when he or she visits other countries. If your loyalty to local government is incomparable, you will also be blessed with a lot of money that you could either use for your barangay or your personal gain.

Such thoughts shook my willingness to run for a seat. Not that I could easily be persuade to commit corrupt practices but I just know that in my current standing, I may not be able to stand against it, perhaps in the near future when I’m far more capable of understanding the true measurement of being noble.

There are more opportunities and I’m still young. Serving or helping the needy doesn't also push you to run for if you really want to help then by all means, you can do it. So, I changed my mind instead decided to first improve myself. Change myself first before I would be able to change the society.

Election came and I was somehow relieved that the winners were those who I know will spark improvements in our small village. Those who are not in the position have the power to look into the actions of our officials and in turn report to them what we think they have been doing wrong. Perhaps, that will be my position for now.

To the local government, I hope that the straight path of the President would also be their move that negative acts of the previous administrations would no longer be repeated. For the Congress, there are news that they are planning to abolish the Sangguniang Kabataan sector and all I can say is that maybe you can just amend the program and highlight what this sector should be doing for early exposure of the youth to good politics would mold our country in the next generations.

Politics may be an act of competition but healthy way of it could yield positive results not only to the politician but also to all the fellowmen.