November 11, 2012

23 for 23

Here are 23 random things that I realized, am realizing and will realize about life, as I embark on the 23rd anniversary of my existence in this world

1. People change and there's no such thing as 'forever'
2. The real best things in life are either free or very costly
3. Waste your time by inspiring people to waste their time for the same reason
4. Always be bold and never be afraid
5. Learn. Learn. Learn
6. Know your priorities
7. Find entertainment in everything that you do
8. Cry if you feel you have to but smile more often
9. Don't just read. Explore
10. Be honest with yourself
11. You study to apply what you have studied
12. Everyone and everything can be unique
13. There is no such thing as absolute freedom
14. Always weigh the possible consequences of all your actions before doing it
15. You are smaller than a dot in this world and seem invisible to the entire universe. Be humble
16. Dream high and try all your best to achieve it
17. Sexual desires are part of life but take it responsibly
18. You are the captain of your ship and the master of your soul
19. You only live once
20. Whatever happens happens
21. Just enjoy life as if you're in a blockbuster film
22. Love yourself and be contented
23. Nothing is set in stone so just keep on moving forward.

Special thanks to those 15 people -4 of my relatives; 3 from the '12 Gods'; 3 friends; 3 workmates; 2 classmates- who greeted me, through text, on my special day. I have never expected anything.