January 30, 2013

Para sa Makabagong Bayan

May paniniwala ako subalit hindi ako deboto na sagradong Katoliko. Hindi rin ako ‘yung tipong kumakausap sa mga tao na tangan ang bibliya at tila ba nagsesermon na pastor. Subalit sa araw-araw na nagigising ako mula sa mahimbing kong pagkakatulog eh alam ko kung paano ihiwalay ang tama sa mali sa perspektibong naaayon sa makabagong panahon.

Sa isang balita ngayon eh sobra kong naalala ang mga eksena sa sinakulo. Habang ang lahat ng mga tao ay nakamasid sa entablado eh isang tanong ang ipinaabot ni Ponsyo Pilato. “Ano ang nais niyong gawin ko?” Ang mga tao naman ay buong lakas na nagwikang, “Pakawalan si Barabas at ipako sa Krus si Kristo.”

Nag-trend pa sa Twitter ang hashtag na #FreeCarlosCeldran, and tanong ko sa mga tao eh “teka, bakit ganun?”

January 29, 2013

Viet Nam Fiasco

One thing good probably about me is that I can write. I just wish that this would also go viral, just like the  other infamous video clips.

Subject of this article is: I don’t know which one will I shoot? I don’t know if the problem is with the Cebu Pacific airlines or the Viet Nam International Airport.

Here’s my story:

I arrived at the gloomy Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Vietnam around 8:00pm or about four hours before my 1:00am flight back to Manila. Immediately, I looked at the many monitors situated in airport to check the status of my trip, which bore the number 5J752. Unlike the other flight status, the CebuPac flight still didn't have any remarks.

January 28, 2013

2012 Trips

I can proudly say that 2012 had been a very busy year for me, at least in terms of traveling. From the country’s capital in Manila to some places north, some areas in the south and even some other nations, which are more than a thousand miles from here. What did I find out? Well, at least I realized some things that no books or any other publication can offer. I found another life.

Of Loneliness and Failures

It was like being part of the top finalists of the hottest reality search in town. There were contestants and of course the judges who would screen all the people who would be qualified in the position that they were searching for.

I was called first and with all the best that I thought I could show, I tried my luck and performed in front of the judges.

Imagine how you will prepare if there is something that you really want to have. Weeks before the judgment day, you will even mark your calendar so as you won’t forget the special date. Days before the event, you will make sure that everything that you needed are well taken care of. Hours before the most awaited moment, you will feel very excited thinking to yourself that perhaps, this is your day.

After waiting for a very long time, my name was called and immediately, I found out that I was among those who were evicted from the game.

I experienced a lot of things in life. I’ve had my unexpected victories and share of failures, and I just always tend to move on. However, if it is something that you really want, moving on seems to be one of the hardest parts. Even if you are physically okay, your mind will tell you otherwise and will pull all the negativity in you that you will try to imagine why the world has forsaken you.

What’s more disturbing is when you find out that no people can stand beside you while you suffer one of the most downgraded periods of your life. When your morale is low and you have nobody to boost your confidence, you try to assess who you are with and what they are to you.

I find out that I have no permanent friends, only casual colleagues who will be present at certain times. This may be harsh, but at least, I can move on in 2013 bearing this in mind.

I might have been evicted from the reality show. Perhaps the ball isn’t still in my court.

The Year That Was

Year 2012 defines what I want to do with my entire life. I would forever look back at the year thinking that most of what I will be doing in the future will definitely be rooted from the lessons that I've learned during the previous year.