August 8, 2013

Of coins and devices

I am a man of sentiments. I value memory more than money and I usually don't care about how much I spend as long as what I’m spending is for the benefit of satisfying my most cared bank of memories. One evening of April while I was on my way home, I suddenly realized that I lost my coin purse. It was given to me by my officemate more than a year ago and it had been my lonely companion everytime I travel locally or abroad. That coin purse became home not only of my coins and 20-50 peso bills, but also of my folded paper notes and even unused condom. I have my wallet but most of the time, especially when I was outside buying snacks or anything, my coin purse always came in handy. Now that it's gone, I feel like I lost some part of me and I am deeply sad due to the fact that one of my most memorable and handy chronicler of simple yet valuable artifacts is now no longer in my hands. Actually, coin purse isn't the only thing that I'm mourning. More than the purse and the coins amounting to around 50 pesos during that time when it was lost, I'm more concerned on the three priceless coins with two of them I have been saving for more than five years. Those priceless coins made my decisions in most complex issues. Now, I felt a little directionless. Perhaps it will take time before I could move on. Hopefully, I can move on.

P.S. I also lost my Nokia C2 phone. It wasn’t forcibly taken from me, at least, but still it was also significant. Good thing I already managed to back up some of the files, particularly images, stored in the device.