October 31, 2012

Something Spooky

Author's Note: Sometime in June when I was browsing the ‘maps’ application of my gadget named Drew, I suddenly bumped into an interesting barangay number. It is 666, the bible’s anointed ‘mark of the beast’. What interests me more about the barangay is that it is pointing at the National Museum. Right there and then, I started to research about its story. Fortunately, I managed to interview its Chairman and found out a lot more juicy information about the barangay’s existence. Below is a copy of the article I wrote, which is published in a national publication.

To Mr. & Mrs. Cortez

I've done something terrible last Monday and I just wish that this blog would be enough to pay for what I did.

I believe it’s the first time that I was invited to a wedding by someone not blood related to me and I incidentally ditched it. I really said that I would attend this ceremony, but due to a deadline, I forgot and failed to come at this once-in-a-lifetime event.

My sincerest apologies to King and Ellay Cortez. I just wish you and your journey together all the best.

I’ve known and idolized King for more than a year now and I know deep inside me that he will really take good care of her new beloved wife.

Don’t worry, 25 years from now, during this couple’s silver anniversary, if I will be invited again; I promise to surely reserve that date to be physically present at their renewal of vows.

Once again, sorry. Congratulations. Good luck.


Adamsonian ako. Proud na Mass Communication graduate ng Batch 2010. Wala akong pakialam sa sinasabi ng iba pero kapag galing na sa loob ang naninira eh hindi ako mangingimi na huwag magsalita.

For the past few days eh ang dami kong nalalaman at ang masakit eh yung iba pang tao na inaasahan ko ring magtanggol sa pinakamamahal kong pamantasan eh siya pang nangunguna para ipagtabuyan ito.

Hindi ako magbibitaw ng pangalan. Alam kong matalino itong tao na ito pero lang ang masasabi ko; wala siyang kwenta kung hindi magbabago ang paniniwala niya.

Walang perpektong paaralan pero may mga taong pwedeng gawing perpekto ang pananatili mo kung nasaan ka man naka-enrol.

Alam ko na kahit yung numero unong pamantasan sa Pilipinas eh may niluluwal din na bulok na propesyonal. Ang sikreto sa buhay pag-aaral ay kung paano mo gagawing memorable ang stay mo na kapag naka-graduate ka na eh mayroon kang isang tahanan na hindi malilimutang balikan.

Marahil maganda nga ang patakaran sa iba at may angking kabulukan ang Adamson University pero walang karapatan ang kahit sino para sira-siraan ito sa buong mundo.

Huwag mo na isipin na ikaw ang diyos o martir na makakaresolba sa problema ng buong pamantasan dahil may kakilala akong school administrator na nagsasabing mahirap talaga magpatakbo ng isang paraalan kahit na maliit lang ito, lalo pa yung isang malaking pamantasan na may mahigit na labinlimang libong estudyante. Kaya bigyan dapat ng credits ang mga opisyal at guro dahil sa mundo eh tuldok lang tayo. Marahil eh mas maliit pa nga tayo sa tuldok.

Isang bagay na lalong nagpainit ng ulo ko eh nung marinig ko na itong taong ito ay way ahead those cum laude’s and other honors dahil hindi na daw niya kailangan yun para ipagmalaki kung gaano siya katalino.

Well, hindi porke’t marami kang nababasang libro, nakapagtrabaho ka na ng part-time, marami kang kilalang author at philosophers, at marami ka nang napanood na pelikula eh may malaking kwenta ka na. Ang talino ay hindi binubuo ng mga nabanggit ko lamang. Isang parte nga lang ata iyun sa tinatawag na multiple intelligence.

Una, grumaduate ka muna at makipagsabayan sa mga propesyonal. Kung ayaw mong grumaduate eh gumawa ka muna ng pangalan na tatalingkin sa buong mundo bago ka magsalita ng mga pinaniniwalaan mo dahil ngayon eh hindi ka pa ‘credible’ o ‘reliable’.

Finally, lahat ng tao ay may choice. Ikaw ay pwedeng pumili na umalis at maghanap ng bagong paaralan na ikatutuwa mo o manatili sa kung nasaan ka at ipagsigawan ang posibleng napakaraming bagay na dala nito.

Actually, it hurts, but with this kind of philosophy being held by some students, I’m no longer wondering why some graduates nowadays are slowly becoming nonsense and useless.

I just wish that they be more bold to take more risky steps and stop complaining because if they will continue on bickering issues that in the first place require only minimal attention then, I’ll be one of those people who will wish for this world to end.

Heck of an issue

I’ll only speak of this issue just once and sana mapanindigan ko na isang beses ko lang talaga ito mapag-usapan.


First time since I entered the so-called ‘professional world’ that I experienced going outside my home with only 16 pesos at one of my bank accounts. At that point, I really felt very sorry for myself.

I always say that money will never be a big issue to me, but when people who depend on you start complaining about the lack of such means, you will somehow begin to realize how important money still is. If you don’t have enough of it, you will feel incapable of doing a lot of worthy things.

What bothered me most was when I realized that some of my colleagues are earning much by doing simple things that they like. I also somehow like what I’m doing right now even if I feel very busy at times. However, money still plays a factor.

Honestly, I’m being tempted and let’s end it this way.

October 5, 2012

These goodbyes

July 10 when the whole nation mourned the untimely demise of Comedy King Dolphy and until last Sunday, tribute in his honor continued to pour in not only from his great immediate family but from the entire showbiz/entertainment industry.

Almost all celebrities from the three major television networks pitched the same commendations to the late Filipino icon that he indeed served a life, which was full of humility and happiness. Until his last breath, all of them noted no presence of pain nor any sadness from the eyes of Dolphy.

Above anything else, I think that's how he wanted to be remembered; that when people speaks of his name, they would first show a smile on their face before revealing how sublime Dolphy was.


Before I share my story, above is one smile first for the man who gave another powerful and symbolic meaning to the word 'comedy'.

I personally don't know Dolphy but I still vividly remember all those afternoons way back during the 90's when instead of sleeping, I would pretend to be taking a nap while silently watching the re-runs of his timeless sitcom John and Marsha in the now defunct RPN9 television network.

When ABS-CBN gave life to his another hit sitcom 'Home Along Da Riles', I also got immediately hooked along with the millions of people who grew with me while watching the comedy show.

Now that he's gone, the only way which I could best offer my respect for the man considered as one of Filipino entertainment's foundations was through attending his funeral wake when he was publicly laid at the theater named after him in the ABS-CBN's compound. The same television station also served as his second residence for decades.

The line in the funeral was long and you would see him only for a few seconds but it was all worth it.

I believe in what most artists said during the tribute. A man like Dolphy is one in a million and perhaps, that someone who might be destined to gain his rightful throne has not yet been born until today.

Goodbye Dolphy.


August 18 when the nation once again embraced the feeling of loss as Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo died due to an air accident in Masbate.

He came from Cebu to represent President Noynoy Aquino even on a weekend just to show how devoted he was in serving this nation. Unfortunately, the plane that he used when he rushed to see his family was figured in a crash that took his life, along with three others.

It's tragic that he had to undergo such an accident when he was supposed to be serving our country and leading us to become a promising nation.

Robredo's name didn't ring a bell to me until he was officially named as part of P-Noy's executive family in a powerful cabinet position that was indeed eyed by countless people who wanted to take advantage of the post's great political reach. But when he was called to represent the president in the Department of Interior and Local Government, most people never raised a doubt on his capability to handle the task. He was, afterall, the first local government official to bag the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award, which is Asia's version of the prominent Nobel Prize.

Serving as mayor of Naga for 19 outstanding years, he led the transformation of the city from a lethargic place to a promising destination in the Bicol region.

As he stepped into the national office, he silently promoted the 'tsinelas' brand of leadership wherein officials gave their utmost humility in serving their bosses, who are the Filipino people.

Robredo acted as a role model to all employees working not only in government offices but also in private institutions.

Similar to Dolphy, although Robredo was just in the government sector, this benign official will also surely be missed by the whole nation.

Goodbye Jesse.


This third person, who I'm about to praise hasn't died yet, although in the eyes of his co-workers, it's as if he has also jumped into that great white light.

For three months, this person tried to gain the approval of the many eyes who have been keen to finding faults upon anyone.

For three months, this person tried to work his butt off to settle what he could provide for the benefit of not just the group where he belongs to but also to the welfare of the institution where he works.

For three months, this person tried to play the professional world's slowly becoming abnormal ambience just to show that he can and he will.

This person is Mr. Yfur Porsche Fernandez.

A social scientist by nature, Mr. Fernandez is a journalist who aims to reformat the world of journalism by giving people what they need to know instead of offering what they want to know.

Mr. Fernandez dreams to soon stand in a platform where cameras are on stand by mode, while waiting the cue before reporting to millions of people watching from their home television sets what's happening around them.

When that time comes, I'll be one of his proud colleagues who will surely congratulate and support him for what he attains.

On a personal note, if I speak of this man, I will always remember that moment when Sec. Robredo's body was found and along with another co-researcher, the three of us had to interview a pilot regarding the article that we're writing. At that precise moment, we were on our crunch time but still we never failed to smile as if we're just having fun and not being overcome by the stress and seriousness of the situation where we were at.

I think that moment defined how Mr. Fernandez would succeed in this dynamic field of media and mass communication. Just like in the typical newsroom scenario, even how busy you are, even how stress you are, you will still be able to pull it off as long as you know how to smile and not be buried by those earnest moments that will be bestowed upon you. If you can manage to see the light side of every state, no matter what they say, you will surely and gamely survive.

This smiling thing might be a secret but at least, before anybody could point that out, I know that Mr. Fernandez has realized it already.

My remaining advice is just for this man to go beyond and never give up, following the blood of a real UPian. Continue being a risk-taker and always accept whatever consequences.

Goodbye my friend. Just goodbye for now Poy - Mr. Fernandez. Surely, we'll meet again.