November 29, 2014


“Anong trip ‘yan?”
“Anong ‘trip’?”
“’Yan, ‘yang ginagawa mo. Anong trip yan?”
“Single trip. Haha. Pwede rin namang round trip kasi tumataba na ako.”
“Haha. Sira ka talaga! Pero seriously, bakit mag-isa ka lang?”
“Wala lang, trip ko lang. Haha!”

March 31, 2014

P.S. to P.S (Post Script to Pauline Sophia)

We, humans, are just a small particle compared to the world where we live in. Our world, in return, is just a small particle compared to the entire solar system where it resides. Our solar system is likewise just a small particle compared to entire galaxy which holds it. And yes, our galaxy, the Milky Way, is just a tiny bit of matter compared to our vast universe.

But in the smallest of things, we find circumstances which make us realize that we are as big as our universe.

We dream, we imagine, we pursue certain things, we explore, we fail, we succeed, we think, we talk, we act.