March 31, 2014

P.S. to P.S (Post Script to Pauline Sophia)

We, humans, are just a small particle compared to the world where we live in. Our world, in return, is just a small particle compared to the entire solar system where it resides. Our solar system is likewise just a small particle compared to entire galaxy which holds it. And yes, our galaxy, the Milky Way, is just a tiny bit of matter compared to our vast universe.

But in the smallest of things, we find circumstances which make us realize that we are as big as our universe.

We dream, we imagine, we pursue certain things, we explore, we fail, we succeed, we think, we talk, we act.

But more than anything else, we achieve things simply because of the idea that we are connected. It is we, not I, which make this world go round.

Once in our mundane life, we meet people. We share ideals and work on a common goal. Our success and failures are based on other people.

More importantly, sane minds dictate that we can smile, laugh or even love because of another body, even if it’s just some body.

In ten months that I’ve personally known her, I can no longer count the many times that we shared a lot of things, from general concepts like laughter, annoyance and even a little bit of sadness, due to similar stories that we have had.

I’m grateful for having known her. I’m grateful for being a friend of her. I’m grateful of her.

Pau, I know for a fact that this won’t be the last time that we’ll consider ourselves as workmates.

So, good luck for now and may the odds be always in your favor. :)


  1. Sabi nga sa kanta, "Goodbye doesn't mean forever" --- At kung yung iba nga diyan nagiging magkatrabaho pa ulit, kayo pa na ten months pa lang magkakilala?! At... para sa comment ko talaga sa blog entry na'to --- Oo nga! Oo nga!!

  2. taena ililike ko san yung comment sa itaas pero di nga pala to FB