August 23, 2015

That Thing Called 'AlDub'

Inaamin ko, fan ako ng AlDub at walang makakapigil sa akin. Kung gusto niyo eh maging fan na lang din kayo...

I'm a full-blooded Eat Bulaga (EB) fan. I might not be watching it all the time and there might be moments when I enjoy watching It's Showtime more than EB, but still, I will always end up laughing my heart out and singing the theme song of the longest noontime variety show.

And yes, I am one of those millions of people that also get hooked by the AlDub phenomenon. I have watched it since the first-ever 'Kalye-Serye' accidentally took off from the Juan for All, All for Juan segment of EB more than a month ago.

I already love the unique concept of the Juan for All, All for Juan segment, and just when you thought that it won't get any better, their funny Problem Solving sub-segment was born. Eventually, it led to the accidental launch of their newest hit, another sub segment, Kalye-Serye, and that thing called AlDub.

I will no longer discuss the story of AlDub, because if you're able to read this post, I'm pretty sure that you've also read the other countless stories that have been posted online and published in newspapers of general circulation. Truly, the AlDub phenomenon served as a bridge connecting the traditional and new media.

What I wanted to highlight in this post is the growing number of bashers or people who seems to hate the AlDub fever and would do anything just to trash the fans of this newest hit.

To set it straight, I currently work as a communication officer for a national government agency. We deal with policies addressing some of the most pressing issues of our nation. We also speak to people as they provide the most basic meaning to what being poor and helpless feel. We can be serious, but we can also laugh at the corniest joke and make fun of the simple things. All I want to say is give us a break!

What I don't understand is why others see just black and white over AlDub; that if you're a fan, you belong to the lower class, but if you're not, you're the better or enlightened one.

This is not only in the case of AlDub. It seems like it's for all internet craze that trend online.

I think, those people who can't seem to find any good thing from those trending topics or issues, will not get it. They will never understand the complexity of how it works in the online or world of Internet. And since Internet is the newest innovation of our generation, if they can't understand it, I pity them because they will be left behind.

What Internet brings us is the new concept of freedom to speak what's on our mind. I once learned that in life, there is no such thing as a stupid idea, what's stupid is the notion that despite the presence of Internet, you still can't blurt out what you think.

People just also have to be responsible online. I may not agree with what you say, but I will be on your side in terms of fighting for your right to say what's on your mind.

The haters of the online sensation like AlDub can say whatever they want, but I should warn them that by saying so, it is them who seem ignorant.


Kung sinasabi nilang napakababaw ng tinatawanan ngayon ng mga tao ay masasabi kong guilty ako sa kababawang ito, subalit sa kababawang ito ako nakakakuha ng mabilisang entertainment na hindi ko basta-basta nakukuha sa iba.

Kung sinasabi nilang bulag/istupido/tanga ang mga taong nahuhumaling sa kwento nito ay guilty ako sa pagiging bulag, istupido o tanga, pero wala akong pakialam dahil dito naman ako tunay na nasisiyahan.

Kung sinasabi nilang ang corny ng kinakikiligan ng mga taong natutuwa sa loveteam ng AlDub ay guilty ako sa pagiging corny, subalit dito ako nakakakuha ng inspirasyon na isa sa mga nagagamit ko upang magpatuloy sa buhay.

At kung sinasabi nilang dahil sa kwento ng Kalye-Serye ay wala nang pag-asa ang bayan natin ay pasensya subalit kayong mga nagsasabi nitong mga kasiraan at hindi ang fans ang patunay na marahil mahihirapan nga talaga tayong mapaunlad ang bansa natin dahil sa kakitiran ng inyong mga utak.

Sa dulo, ang kailangan lang naman natin ay respeto sa kung anong nagugustuhan at kinagigiliwan ng ibang mga tao.

Happy 36 years and counting to Eat Bulaga!
Congratulations to all the cast and crew of successful Kalye-Serye!

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