April 26, 2013

Dog Days are Over

After some months of roaming the vast world of Internet, I finally managed to discover that one particular site that I have long been searching. What good did it do? I found the answers to some of my questions. I had my late realizations and at least, now I can move on. It's painful to realize that as time goes by, you'll find yourself no longer in sync with those whom you once cared for. It's even painful to realize that you have cared for the wrong people. Everything that somehow made sense to my irrational world becomes superficial again. I won't apologize. No one has to apologize. But I'm afraid it's about time for me to break out from the circle of new life that we created in order to understand one another. This blog post is for myself because those people who should be reading this message perhaps won't care. Perhaps this message won't even matter to their mundane worlds. However, I'm still thankful and will eternally be grateful for all those years of precious memories.

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